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****current deadline****
January 9th

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Yuuri is sent back to earth, never to be allowed entrance to the demon kingdom. As the boy tries desperately behind all his worry to return to his normal life he slowly picks up baseball and a few new pass times. Three or so months down the road a new student arrives, a bratty boy with blond hair and green eyes as spoiled as the day is blue, and if things could only get better yuuri happens to run into him. He is very surprised to find that this boy is the one and the same Wolfram he was engaged to, just one problem....Wolfram can nolonger remember anything about yuuri and has his own 'memories' of earth starting with him having no mother to living with his elder brothers. Not being remembered is just the first step to yuuri's horror...he then discovers that others fromthe demon kingdom have been 'reincarnatd' as well. What will the poor boy do when he finds himself lost in this new accurance, and how far will he go to help the blond remember everything?

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each artist will have a turn of up to a month to do anything form 5-10 pages of the doujinshi and if they so happen to get caught on a time where a cover page is done, that does not count as a page. Also if you are having to do a sex scene and can not,please contact a person who can, or create a topic, i am sure someone would be willing to switch with you. On sex scenes pages and deadlines may be increased to make it easier on the artist. If you happen to need a beta because your language isn't too good then just ask in the comm. i am sure as well that if not me, then someone else would be happy to.Also,if it came down to it and you couldn't finish it on time then just contact me and i will extend the deadline, now if the month is too hectic for you and you already know for a fact that you couldn't do it then inform me and your turn will get passed to another and you can just pick up on a month that you are free.

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somniumdreams (NC-17 O.K.!)

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coloring by angelzash
animations by star_firefox17
fanfictions by asinful

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