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Hi I am selling a few kkm Doujinshi


I Hope you find something you like, thanks for looking
I am selling a few items mostly doujinshi (gundam wing, kyo kara maou, Bleach, Fire Emlblem Tear ring saga) artbooks (angel santuary and Galaxy Angel) and other items


Thanks for looking
Hello everyone...well not so much everyone. Well I am back and ready to take this up again. Sorry for the long wait guys so much has happened in the past...well while..but I won't poor you with talks about my life so lets get to it. Who is still on board for this doujinshi and who all has decided to move on to bigger and greater things? For those of you still looking to be a part please let me know. I have a job so I won't be here possibly every daybut i will check all the messages regularly and I will also work on getting caught up with the story so that way I can possibly crank out some pages. Thanks for those who read this and can't wait to get this back on the go!
umm ano haro,yoroshiku

this took me a while since I didn't have much time to do this at home, i took some of my Photography's class's note taking time to draw it. as i promised a fanart ^_^ for the doujin.

here you go

http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e355/Seitentaisei/KyouKaraMaouFanart.jpgCollapse )

first of all i'm not sure if you are going to add Greta but i drew her anyways cause she looks oh so very cute. oh yeah, she doesn't look very perportioned because... I didn't feel like correcting my work when i've gone so far. lastly Yuuri's hand is the only thing that appears because I still haven't mastered drawing him in my way. this makye take some time. hope it's alright for now.

I would like to mention several things here. :)

First of all, I need to drop this project due to real life activity...T_T I will help with anything possible and hopefully everyone don't mind if I would like to return when free time is possible for me...(which seems almost impossible, but hopefully I can have. ^^;) And I hope everyone don't mind me lingering here either...Ehehe...

Secondly, most artists seem no longer replying to the community. Sorry angelzash, if I actually take your role since I think you are the watcher of the comm currently...Umm...since I'm no longer active either...but I would love to see this community to keep going on, so, can all artists please reply or post if they are still participating in this project and would willingly mention whether currently they can work on the pages or not?

Thanks for all attention! ^^

Hi, I'm a newbie to both LJ and doujin making, however I am interested in making Yuuram doujin and is hoping to help out. if possible. let me know, contact me on my gmail, since I never check my messages unless they are in gmail. :P. I can say that I can draw decently but lately my hand is not working the way i want it to be(probably because I have no inspiration at the moment) So I hope I can join in along with the doujin you guys have been making, I'm new to making any sort of 'manga' or 'doujin'. But I really love the plot that you are maing with the fan doujin, it's nice and smexy. (^o^) 
It may take me a while to get something done but if you want I can start posting some of my fanarts if that is possible. 
That's my request for the day, I hope you accept me.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu 

sorry forgot to add my gmail address, it's seitentaisei@gmail.com

Well, some sad news. wolfram_kyo is doing fine, but real life is kicking her rear! She got her pages done for the doujinshi, then apparently some homicidal tea got to it. >.< She thinks it'll take her longer to make up new ones or redo them as things are, so she's just going to pass the buck on! So who's next?
Hey all! Zash here with a message from wolfram_kyo! She's busting her rear to get her pages done and will be working hard on them this week. She expects to get out 10 pages this time!! ^_^ Next person should start warming up I think. And if whoever's next can't do it, just say and the next person after that can go instead. ^_^
Hiya everyone i am here to give you a special surprise. Well not really a surprise but i have a few announcements. I plan on making our profile page for our group more creative so i ask a favor of all those participating in the page drawings. If you do not mind i ask that you draw a picture of your yuuri and wolfram from this story in a picture together...please try to keep them all at the same dimensions....like letter paper size....in portrait please so that way i can put the said picture in our profile and have your name next to it then put a link to your pages. Also if anyone has like any layout for our community and would like to put it up or if you would like to be a mod for this community since i am still without stable internet then please let me know and i will make you a mod right away. And for the last order of business i am making a poll to let you decide what it is you want to happen next, it has two choices to pic which will of course be smut or more fluff with kissing..the reason i ask is because not many of our artists have told me they are willing to do smut so i am trying to see if anyone wants it while i am doing my pages. Personally i would like more fluff and kisses because i do have an idea for that one yet i do have smut idea too but i am letting you decide guys.

Poll #885546 Story for pages 41-50

What would you liek to see fo rhte next 10 or so pages?

Smut...we need smut
Fluff is good, more fluff and kissing